Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where has the time gone???

"An extremely busy end to 2012 on the domestic front saw less trains being done than I had planned - stuff happened, but more often than not I didn't get around to photographing what I did. I do have some which I will upload in coming days."
I wrote this back in February.  The title hasn't changed and is more accurate than ever as it is now the 1st of May and I still haven't done anything about blogging.  However, new month, the start of the show season in Queensland is this weekend and a new resolve.
As mentioned, the first show of the season kicks off on Saturday.  This is the 36th Annual Brisbane Miniature Train Show run by the Australia Model Railroad (Railway? Not sure) Association - AMRA - and for the first time in my memory (and I have been going for many years!) it isn't at the Brisbane RNA Grounds (it was originally I am told at Brisbane City Hall and I probably went, but that was some time ago).  It has moved to a new venue at the Doomben Race Course.  How this pans out remains to be seen.  The other big change, not of AMRAs doing per se, is the show is now a 2 day, not 3 day show.  Again, for as long as I can remember, the AMRA show was on the May Day Long Weekend (Bank Holiday to the Brits reading this) but the Government last year (actually it was the outgoing Government who started the idea) moved one of the Holiday's from this time of year to October.  (The original plan had the June one for the Queen's Birthday going but it was felt the May Day one worked better as it was so close to 25 April which is the National Holiday for ANZAC Day.)
In keeping with past years (at least past years when I was in Brisbane) I am going to be demonstrating various techniques on the British Railway Modellers of Australia stand.  However, I am only going for a half day rather than the whole weekend as I have done in the past.  Too much other stuff on.
To give me something to do, I have been making some LMS wagon kits by Roger Chivers.  These were out of production for a while but a batch turned up on eBay a couple of years ago so I snapped up a few.  Nothing fancy in the making - followed the instructions - and they have since been painted with Phoenix LMS Grey paint.  The other examples I have are in BR livery but these are intended for a different layout than my current one, hence the change.
Left to right - Peco 5 plank wagon (I had one so...) 4x LMS Tube wagon, 2x Plate and 1x double bolster.  I have another double bolster but the white metal buffers weren't usable and I haven't gotten around to getting some brass ones.
So, all things being equal, a picture next week (or more than one) of the finished wagons.

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