Friday, February 6, 2015

A Shed in Your Hand.

I posted late last year about the Kickstarter project from Andy Vaughan which resulted in me getting a number of the etched building kits he was offering under the Severn Models banner.  Andy has since gotten underway as a quick look at his website will show (and those who cruise the Bay of E may have seen the various kit options there).

My initial thoughts on the sheds are detailed in the previous post.  As I mentioned the lack of gutters, down pipes and a chimney, at least on the brick shed, were a bit of a let down.  So I got out my collection of brass and had a look to see what I had and what could be done about it.

I found some pipe which had an outside diameter of 1mm and thought it would be suitable – no round channel available at the local hobby shop and I am not even sure it if is available from the K&S or Albion Alloys ranges – and with the aid of a sanding disc in the Dremel and about 5 mins of careful sanding I had a length of gutter.  A downpipe and a stove pipe chimney came from some .7mm OD pipe and that had the brick shed sorted as a coal merchants office.

The other building I decided to use as a fodder store – gutters and a downpipe were sorted but the stove pipe was left off.  A coal stove (or any fire source) in a fodder store is not the best idea I would think!  In the end I removed the downpipes as I thought they were a bit much but as the gutters were well soldered on, they were left in place.  In any case, now that they are painted, I think the gutters complete the building.


Yes, I noticed the chimney is crooked after I took the photo!!!


Doesn’t look as bad from the back!

I have to fit glazing – I was thinking of giving microscope slides a try for a proper glass look – but I’ll leave that off until after weathering.  The weathering UFO pile is really building up!

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