Saturday, February 14, 2015

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting - 14 February 2015

This months meeting was again a visit, this time to the local outpost of the SDJR - see Neb's blog to the side for more details.

We were well down on numbers this month owing to illness and work claiming a few of the regulars but some progress on UFOs was made by those who were there.

I got the transfers on my VR K class mentioned in previous posts and had it running hauling one of Ben's VR W cars from Spirit Design.  I also took the opportunity to run in my 128 as I knew Ben had cleaned his track for the meeting - mine hasn't been touched since New Year!

Graeme brought the Class 3 Std Tank he'd fixed for Anthony along and gave it a run too.  Ben had his recently purchased 4F circulating which prompted comments on how good RTR is v Kits and v Old time models (a significant number of members can claim to have owned a Lima 4F although "operated" was something different!).  Graeme was also working on an O gauge wagon...

Discussion was also had about transfer options - particularly the lack of LMS coaching stock transfers.  Hopefully a solution is near at hand.

Usual lunch enjoyed supplemented by Mrs Neb's Brownies and Muffins.  Owing to the late start on my renovations safe to say we'll be back!


  1. Sithlord I am very impressed that my 3MT was run on the day. Excellent work by Graham. I need to thank him next time we get together, as it started as a malfunctioning rivet and developed into something more. I spent last week end at the Forestville train show with Sydney BRMA modellers. Met a lot of people and have invites for the next 2 week ends to help with 2 separate layouts. I expect to learn a lot and help some one else at the same time. One of the visits is to operate an existing layout. Should be fun.

  2. The loco ran very nicely around Stur. Given the size of the layout, we felt any issues would have shown up as it ran for an hour or so. All should be good with it.