Sunday, February 8, 2015

Victorian Railways K Class Part III

Another one of the long term projects.  Part I and Part II date from 2011.  Since then progress has been spasmodic with the tender bogie situation referred to being sorted in 2013 when I obtained some castings from Phil Badger – who made the kit.  At some stage, the whole lot got a coat of black paint but I don’t remember when.

The current state of play is this after this weekend:


There is still a bit to do – cab and tender steps, paint the buffers on the tender and then put the number plates on.  I’ll also have to work out a front coupling.  It has a Microtrains 1015 on the tender but it is a little high so I’ll have to take it off and pack it.  Then there is the all important (add it to the pile!) weathering and then finally some real coal in the space.  At one stage I was considering DCCing this one, but I’m not sure where I would fit the chip.

Still – progress, mostly inspired by the painting of a couple of VR Diesels, more of which anon.

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