Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A(nother) House in My Hand

Last year I wrote about the Kickstarter project by Andy Vaughan here.  This was followed up with my progress with the sheds here in February.  Since then, other UFO projects have managed to get in the way but I started on the Semi-detached House kits (see here for the picture on Andy’s website) a few weeks ago.  Progress has been slow but today I managed to get to this:

Terrace Houses

Now the quick and astute will notice that it looks more like a Terrace than the picture on Andy’s website.  This is because on looking at the dimensions, I felt that the two houses were a bit small to be as described but I also felt that with a few of them, they would make a pretty good terrace of two up, two down workers houses.  And so it has proven. 

As one of the Kickstarters, I was able to get a few of them at the time – so I got 8 of these.  The fifth is at the back of the four, and a sixth has made it to a similar stage to the fifth.  I fitted the roofs to the four today (this is the front by the way) and will get onto putting the extra detail which wasn’t included in the kit – guttering, down pipes and so forth over the next few days.  As I presently don’t have access to the layout to see how they are going for length, I won’t be adding to it at this stage but I expect 7 or the whole 8 will probably be needed.

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