Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Soldering Track – or what I did on my school holidays.

I have been trying, over the past week and a half, to get enthused about Swallow’s End, my embryonic 2mm shunting plank.  The biggest hurdle has been finding time – and the second has been dealing with the procrastination streak I have running during daylight hours, owing to it being school holidays (hence having time – sort of) and the kids all being home too.  Couple this with not being at “home” as such (renovations going ok but I’d be happier if they were going better) and you can see why I get bogged down.  Evenings are different – more of which later – but I need the space and that means outdoors and daylight hours.

Today was a bit different.  I had help.  And whilst “help” when you have five kids, the eldest being 9, can be a very subjective term I was pleased that Hollie (who rated a mention in the Toowoomba Train Show post)  was interested in building soldered track and was quite good at it.  She even (shock horror) listened to instructions and didn’t argue!!! 

Anyway, as my students at school are wont of saying, pictures or it didn’t happen so:

HJ soldering 2

HJ Soldering

HJ soldering 3

Hollie's track

All in all, two 60’ lengths in a couple of hours, all on chair plates (Versaline for those playing at home).  No burnt fingers and no frayed tempers either.  Apparently she is now allowed her own soldering iron…

Hopefully more track down on Friday.  Not going to make it to the LAG meeting with a working plank on Saturday however.  Still issues with getting the points to work – and time.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Hollie certainly thought so :-)

  2. Ah, For full effect this should be done at an exhibition in full view of the rivet counters/frothers who will pass out mumbling about a young GIRL doing this! 8-) Sam.

  3. Hollie is talking about taking it to Toowoomba next year Sam - but they are pretty calm about such things up there!

  4. Is Hollie available for hire to work on other layouts. I could have a n job or 2 available for her!!