Wednesday, July 15, 2015

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting – 11 July 2015

Once again – a couple of days late!  Must do better.

This month we went back to Graeme’s and had another look at Thornbury.  Only 5 of us this time so a bit more room to spread out and get on with various projects. 
I didn’t take pictures of what we were generally doing but Ben was making lamps for Sturminister – I assume pictures will be on his blog in due course.  Greg was building some kits, I was putting transfers on Tar Wagons – more of which in a forthcoming 2mm Magazine once I finish writing it up and get Amity to take some decent photos.
David brought along his second operating layout in almost as many months…  In actual fact it is a bit of a group effort and is merely a running in circle of 2mm soldered track – every 4th sleeper appears with the rest missed out.  It hasn’t a name because it isn’t really a layout but we are considering calling it Down Under MSW in homage to the well known circle Over There although ours is a pair of rectangular boards 1200x600.
Lastly we rounded up the new Jinties everyone seems to be buying here – 8 in attendance chiefly owing to word getting out that the LMS ones were around 20 quid cheaper than the pre-order on BR ones.  Cue much purchasing with 4 members getting LMS ones in the next fortnight from the news.  Mine are destined to be come BR with the remaining 7524’s getting renumbered in LMS condition – possibly all in the 752x range!
With 8 there we had to take a photo – sorry for the far end one being out of focus!  From Left to Right – SDJR 23, LMS, LMS, Beginning BR, BR, LMS, LMS and LMS.
Finally – some more photos of Thornbury, simply because it is such a nice layout:


  1. So you'll be wanting 8 Conversion Kits then!


    2mm Association Sales Officer

  2. One of the older ones is part way done and there is another planned. No idea about the new ones, but 4 belong to N Gaugers.

  3. Maybe the 'layout' should be called Circle Arthur after Chris Arthur (of the Pennine area group) who came up with the concept which I believe subsequently inspired Mini MSW. See the mag archive for his article several years ago. Sam.

  4. Does Thornberry belong to Greg. I have not seen it before.