Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Night Update – 6 May 2016

I was part of the group of members of the 2mm Scale Association who signed up for a batch of LNWR etches, designed by David Eveleigh, to be produced late in 2015.  Fast forward a few months and though the good offices of another member (cheers David V) a significant number headed this way. 

The full sheet produced three D33 Covered Vans, a pair of D15 Beer Vans, a D43 Explosives Van, a set of D13 Bolsters, a D26 Prize Cattle Wagon, a D436 Horsebox, a D445 CCT, a pair of D16 and a pair of D17B brake vans, some spare chassis and bits and bobs.  I opted for a second D436 and 3 more D33s as part of my purchase, while other members of the LAG availed themselves of the offer and added some D33s and D26s to their gloat boxes.  (If Neb updates his blog… and if David H gets one started… you can see how they get on.  No pressure though fellas).

I have been working my way through doing various builds – and taking pictures of same to write up for the Magazine chiefly but also for here.  To date I have done most of my D26, both the D15s, one of the D33s and started on the D43.

2016-04-30 D15 001

Three D15s – my Shapeways print is in Grey primer and having built the two etched ones, I have revised it and uploaded the revision to my Shapeways Shop here.

2016-04-28 D26 012

The D26.  Since the picture was taken I have fitted the chassis to the body (or the other way around!) and done some of the brake gear (like put the hand brakes one).  Still have to sort the chimney over the grooms compartment.  Destined to be in LNWR Quick Brown (which most sources suggest was the coach plum with less varnish over it).

2016-05-02 D33 001

The first D33.  Since the picture, the chassis has been built and fitted.  Out of buffers again so progress stalled until I find the packet I am sure I have somewhere…


  1. you like me obviously put the buffers somewhere safe , I once found a Farish CEP I had forgotten I even had but never did find the thing I was looking for


  2. Very nice - they do seem to go together well. I'm currently batch building three D33 vans. I'm just about to start on the roof for them. I've got most of the bits sorted but the lower section of the roof door seems a bit narrow to me. Do I need to fit extra strips or something?

    As an aside I have published a photo build of the cattle wagon on my website.

    1. Hi Adrian, yes I found the lower bit narrow too but solved it by fitting the thing arched bits associated with the sides to the inside of the drop in bit. I'm doing a demo tomorrow at our big show so will take some photos as I go and put them up. Not guaranteeing my way is right, but it looks like the pictures in Vol 2 😉

    2. Cheers - photos would be useful as I'm currently deliberating to do something similar to your solution or whether it might be easier to just to make a replacement panel from scratch.