Sunday, May 15, 2016

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting – 14 May 2016

I thought I should get back into providing a monthly update on what we get up to.

Only a small turn up this month owing to people being on holidays or ill.  Nevertheless the meeting was successful with all attendees getting something done.  Your loyal correspondent was slack and didn’t take photos – sorry.

Hollie (our youngest member) painted the 3D printed bollards for the shunting puzzle dock which was mentioned in Post 200 and is now mine with Ken having had a clean out of his modelling area late last year.  We also discussed other scenic details and there has been some progress on that front since yesterday’s meeting.

David had a lesson on using the puzzle (named Hollie Wharf for its exhibition debut at Toowoomba on the 4/5 June – stop and say hi if you come.  We will even let you have a play) as he has volunteered to be the third operator over the weekend.  Having done that, we discussed modifications to the N6.5 Turntable pictured at the end of April in the update and designing an engine shed to go with it.  David then cracked on putting together some Easitrac for the last siding on Toshalt.

Ben brought over his UFO box and continued working his way through the various things in it.  Some mutterings about chassis were heard – I didn’t really notice what he was doing as I was trying not to burn my fingers doing some minor repairs to 4 of my etches which had things either missing or loose.

Our next meeting will see us put together a shopping list for me to take to the UK – departure in four weeks!  Hopefully there will be a big turn out to the Supermeet at Tutbury so I can put faces to names.

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