Monday, May 3, 2010

More UFOs

As mentioned in the first post today I have a few UFOs.

Having joined the 2mm FSA I discovered that replacement etches for the various Chivers Finescale N Gauge models were available. Now I like these kits very much but have found that they don't run very well - which I put solely down to the builder rather than the designer! The replacement chassis, designed by Fencehouse, being etches, are sturdier and end up square meaning running is much smoother.

To date I have built 5 chassis to go under my BR Tube wagons (Dia 1/448) and 3 out of 4 chassis to go under my collection of LMS wagons. The Tubes are here in Longreach and so progress has been made in fixing these. 4 have been dealt with and the last is waiting couplings. I am still using the N Gauges ones as these wagons, having been produced in the 1960's, are more use on N gauge layouts than 2mm ones - the 2mm ones currently planned are either Pre-grouping (W&U - GER) or Grouping (Fairford GWR) or BR Steam (St Alban's Abbey - BR(M)).

The other wagon in this photo is a Parkside Dundas LNER coal wagon. Like the Chivers one it is running on a new etched chassis from the 2mm. There is a pair of these (and a BR steel coal wagon) which have had the treatment. Again, N gauge rapidos are being used.

This last picture shows three of my 2mm FSA kits - Prestwin, LNWR D88 van and BR Banana Van. The Prestwin is destined for N Gauge but the other two are going to be 2mm runners. The LNWR van has been painted using Humbrol 79 after a tip on the 2mm VAG - thanks Jim! DG Couplings for it - not sure about the Banana Van as it is most likely to wind up on the W&U although Bananas weren't grown there!

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