Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UFO Progress

No photos with this one - just a list of what has been done.

  • Victoria - finished
  • Trafalgar - finished
  • Ocean - cabside transfers to be done
  • Parkside Dundas LNER 20T mineral x 2 - done
  • Parkside Dundas BR 24.5T mineral - done
  • Chivers Tube x 5 - done pending arrival of transfers from NGS
  • Ultima Giant - done albeit with white transfers! (waiting for yellow when I will fix – and waiting for 2mmFSA bogies)
  • Ultima Siphon F - same as Giant
  • Ultima Thompson BG - transfers to be put on and then bogies from 2mmFSA
  • Ultima Gresley BG sides on Minitrix donor coach - done pending transfers and roof
  • NGS Gresley BG - just needs glazing done
  • Farish Cl 33 repaint - pretty much done. One cab end still needs doing but rest done
    ready for transfers
  • Farish Cl 31 repaint - done pending transfers
  • 2mmFS Banana - finished (pending coupling choice)
  • 2mmFS conversion of Peco tanker - finished (pending coupling choice)
  • 2mmFS LNWR Van - finished pending transfers (DG Couplings decided on for this one)
  • TPM 4VEP - one DTC started, MBSO waiting for motor and the rest painted blue – not a lot of progress on this one but being allowed to go back to Hatton's for a 150 chassis will see enthusiasm grow.

Orders for the bogies, missing transfers and some outstanding nameplates have been placed. Hopefully there will be a pile of missing bits forthcoming from the NGS AGM this weekend (thanks Iain and Fred for volunteering to sort this out). I still have some work to do obviously - this weekend will see some more transfers put on, especially on the BGs and hopefully Ocean as this will finish my three Peco Jub repaints which were started years ago.

It has been a good feeling getting these UFOs done - thanks to Amity's challenge. The biggest thing has been the time taken to finish things off. The progress has been slow (waiting for paint to dry) and at times tedious (three transfers aside minimum) but the pile is shrinking which is a good thing. There is still plenty of UFOs but all things being equal, the list will be much shorter by the start of the next school semester in July. Then the UFO will be a layout.

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  1. I admire your dedication Kevin, working through the unfinished items box. I think this is a good discipline which more of us could take on board. I may take up the UFO challenge once Marks Quay is complete and exhibited at the 2mm Assoc. GJLC weekend in July.

    Peter Whitehead