Monday, May 3, 2010


Pretty well every railway modeller I know has a box of UFOs - Un Finished Objects. Mine is pretty extensive and so Amity challenged me to get some of them finished. The picture below shows 10 UFOs which were selected to be FOed as much as possible with the resources I have here in Longreach. As I go though, I am making a list of what needs to be purchased to fully FO them.
The stack includes some etched sides for a Gresley BG which I am going to fit to a Minitrix donor coach (the windows are damaged on the coach), a Dapol B/C Collett which is going to be repainted as something stripped the B of the bottom on one side, some Farish four wheelers which I am planning on doing something with to use with a Terrier, a couple of parcels railcars which need building, three TPM Motorising chassis which need sorting so I can use them on a 2EPB, 4VEP and the aforementioned Parcels railcars - although that is 4 items with only three motorising kits!

There is also some Ratio kits which need fixing - a water tank, coaling stage and train shed as well as a white metal scammel.

We will see how it all goes - a start was made last week and two of the three Ratio bits have been done, the sides have been fitted to the donor coach and a first attempt has been made on the repaint but I am not happy with it so it is going into the stripper this afternoon.

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