Saturday, May 8, 2010

Condemned Coach saved by SVR

When Dapol first produced their Collett Coaches I was keen to get some Blood and Custard ones to supplement my Mk 1 fleet. Unfortunately Dapol's choice of colour wasn't too great. Yes, I know there are photos showing a more Oranges and Cream version than the LMR and ER versions but the four I got were a disappointment.

I stripped one down with the intention of repainting it - and even had a couple of goes. As none of these were taped up well enough to prevent runs and didn't use an airbrush, the result wasn't too flash. I even had a go at painting it plain maroon but the maroon I used didn't match the rake of Dapol maroon coaches.

As part of the "finish 10 UFO challenge" set by my wife, finishing this coach was on the list. Having given the spray red a go and deciding it was a miss, I stripped the coach body (again) and had a thought. The idea of a condemned coach being saved by a preservation society would work I thought, and be something different in a train running in my Banger Blue collection.

So tonight, while watching the Pies beat the Roos (I am assuming that is what will happen, the score is pretty lop sided as I type) I dirtied the coach up more - only used Humbrol 118 and 33 on it; the rest of the effect is from the stripping process - and then wrote the condemned symbols and wording along with the SVR (I have enjoyed my visits to the Severn Valley Railway and look forward to taking my family - and they have a couple of these coaches AFAIK) and then used some of Amity's vinyls from her Craft Robo to make the tarps. Hopefully these will bed down a bit more as time goes on.

By doing it this way, should I work out how to do a better job the coach may be restored - just like the real thing!

Let me know what you think either by leaving a comment, post to either the VAG or N Gauge group or direct email.

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  1. Excellent idea - I may just nick it for a micro-layout in progress. The faded, grubby look of the paintwork actually adds to the effect.