Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday loot

I officially started down the other side of the hill today (assuming three score and ten), turning 36.  The loot included the latest collection of PoWs from the Darling Daughters (now out to 24 multi coloured wagons in the train which they think is very impressive) and, courtesy of DD1 wanting to "give daddy a steam engine" 61139 has joined the stud.  Mind you, since SWMBO thinks presents should be surprises, I had to provide the DD's with a choice - 61139, the black Std 3 tank or the Peco 2251 in GWR green were their options which the B1 winning the vote.  Currently doing laps of the Kato track running in (and commencing to wear out!) and going very nicely.  Thanks girls (and Amity for organising - how many other wives have their own login at Hatton's I wonder??).

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