Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cattle Dock Part V

A little while back I posted that replacement drill bits had arrived so work could continue on the cattle dock.  As it turned out, these (at 0.2mm) were a bit too fine for use with a pin vice so I had another look at the collection of fine drill bits I have from Shesto Tools (who very kindly offer a discount to 2mm Members - have a look in the Members only section (or join up to get access to this part of the website) for the code) and found that while some were a little larger than I needed (i.e. 0.35mm for a 0.2mm bit of wire) they would at least allow work to continue while the real replacements came from the original supplier.

After a couple of days on and off at it (and while on school holidays for a week leading up to Easter) I have finally finished with the drilling of the little holes and wired it all up.  The gates still haven't been done but I have decided to fabricate them out of off cuts of etch and then put them over the wires to allow for the continuation and strength of it all.

The photos below were taken tonight - poor light at 11.15pm so I apologise for the quality - before I had given it all a clean.  That will happen, along with some painting and the gates, over the weekend - with the various holidays for Easter and ANZAC Day, I don't have to be back at work until Wednesday and SWMBOs job list is pretty much knocked over.  So better photos probably Saturday and painting and whatnot on Sunday/Monday.  Then there is the fodder shed to build...

PS - remember to have a look at Missy's effort on the RMWeb showcase here as this is what inspired it.  Mine isn't as neat (nor as grotty yet) but for a first up scratch build (ok, I didn't scribe the stone work nor the flags) I am pretty happy with myself!

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