Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cattle Dock Part VI

So painted today and weathered tonight.  Not particularly happy with the gates - slab timber ones for those curious - but not sure what to do about them.  May revisit them if they bug me enough once the cattle dock is in place on Swallow's End.  The cows in the pictures are just for show - I am planning on leaving it empty as with green diesels and 108s operating, the likelihood of cattle being shipped is slim I think.  Certainly not a regular occurrence.

All up it has taken about 40 hours to get this far - and 7 drill bits!  The annoying thing about the drill bits is the first one got me through 10 of the 26 posts - and bit number 6 broke with only 3 holes to go.  Still, that I guess is the price you pay for a) working late at night when you should be in bed and b) hurrying too much and applying too much downward force on your pin vice.

Next project is to do something about the fodder and straw store which seems to have been a feature next to a lot of cattle docks.
Land side

Rail side

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