Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wisbech & Upwell Progress

I seem to have managed to get some mojo going since Thursday.  I did manage to get the outstanding chassis for the Fruit Van's built and this, together with finding some Humbrol 21 still in working order (gloss black rather than matt - but some matt varnish will soon fix that) I got stuck in with painting and, today while watching Amity's team get a trashing in Melbourne, I got the skirts on D2201.  I even managed to get some photos so...
 The Last Tram.  The W&U closed with the last train on Friday 20 May 1966.  This consisted of D2201, three 16t mineral wagons, and for reasons I don't understand a SR brake van.  My unfinished rendition is seen above.  D2201 needs the 01, the brake van needs transfers (and some painting to be finished along with vents and a chimney) and the whole needs couplings and weathering - especially those wagons!!!!
The Fruit Van train.  Currently it also needs couplings and weathering.  The brake van is a Minitrix one (standing in for the unbuilt LNER Toad E kit I have in the to do box) and the 04 at the front is in fact Mavis rather than 11102 - which is awaiting the fitting of skirts and what not.  This may happen later this evening as it isn't a particularly hard chore.

So a little over a year since the W&U etches arrived from Darkest Essex two trains of the 6 Amity and I plan on modelling are almost complete, ironically neither requiring any of the etches.  However stay tuned...

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