Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NGS Kit 17a Cartic 4 - Part II

Progress has been made with the Cartic in as much as all the nickle silver detail bits have been added along with hooks on the buffer beams left over from 2mm chassis kits.  I had attempted to fit the treads but have since discovered that trying to solder Stainless Steel to brass doesn't work!  I will glue these in after painting I think.

 The photo above shows one of the joins between the inners and outers (I think - might even be between the two inners to be honest - I don't remember!)  The design of the ladder makes it very easy to have it sitting out away from the body side.

The buffer beam detail - I put the hand brakes on bits of 0.3mm wire and then drilled holes so these stand out from the sides, just like the ladder.  The ladder at these ends is longer than the other ladders - pay attention...  No, I didn't initially.

Unfortunately the photo I took of the whole unit doesn't really work on this blog - to skinny owing to the way in which it is positioned. 

Amity suggested I should video the set going round the Kato test track and post it - if you are keen to see it in action, drop me a line at sithlord75@bigpond.com and I'll see what I can do.

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