Friday, July 8, 2011


About a week ago, a parcel arrived from the NGS Shop which contained one of their NGK004 Sealion brass kits.  I had purchased one about a year ago but had managed to turn it into a learning experience rather than a model - I discovered that my then soldering kit wasn't up to something like this but was more suited to wiring control panels and the like.  Since the 1st kit, I have obtained the DSE temperature controlled iron and built a few more etched kits so I revisited the scene of one of my heroic failures and had a second go.  Result above.

I am now in the position of trying to work out how to best fit the bogies.  The kit was designed with, I think, Micro Trains bogies in mind (as these were what you could get) but now the NGS has their own bogies and these were included.  A dummy run suggests that the ladders or hopper are going to get in the road so not sure if I did something wrong yet.  More to come.

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  1. you made a better stab at it than I I resorted to the plastic version...