Monday, July 25, 2011

NGS Kit 17a Cartic 4 - Part III

Having had a couple of late nights watching Cadel Evans go around France on a bike (and didn't he do well in the end?) I had plenty of time to do something about painting the Cartic set.

Getting hold of primer (well, my preferred brand) out here is impossible as none of the hardware stores carry the brand.  Fortunately, I found a tin down stairs which I must have brought up from Brisbane at some stage so progress was made.

Spray primer - check.  Spray with local dark blue as an undercoat - check.  Wait patiently for it all to dry properly (in winter, out here...)  - hmmmm.  I did eventually get to the point where I could resume painting without wrecking anything.  Brush Precision Rail Blue on sides.  Find I don't have Rail Grey and sub-Freight Grey (1948-1964) instead figuring that the pics Paul Bartlett has uploaded of these to his web which I will use for weathering inspiration will mean that the exact shade of grey is moot.  White chains, ladders and brake wheels.  Axle boxes yellow with red stripes.  Buffer beams black - instructions found after the event say GW Chocolate...  Again, I don't think it will matter much when weathered.

Photos below.  Sorry for the iffy quality.  Taking pictures of white proved to be a little bit interesting this evening so I will have to have a fiddle.  All that is left is to wait for the NGS Transfer Officer to finish off said transfers and get a set - then weather the whole thing.  I would love it if Oxford Diecast produced some Ford Cortinas but until this happens (and not being a car buff) I guess they will run empty. 

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