Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cattle Dock Part III

This week I have been plugging away drilling 5 holes per post.  As I don't have my bench drill here in Longreach, this has been done using my pin vice and fingers!  It takes around an hour to do the 5 holes - 0.3mm drill for a 0.2mm nickle silver wire.  As you can see in the photo the holes haven't all lined up - I have been using a jig - but I suspect the lack of true verticalness in the drilling has played a part.  There is still some tidying up and tweaking to do on this lot and I am hoping by the end of the weekend to have gotten around to the next corner - only 3 posts to go on this run! 

I still haven't sorted the gates yet.  I have thought of using thinned down Peco level crossing picket gates or using the Ratio cattle dock kit gates like Missy did.  I have also thought of adapting some M&GN gates which David E sent me.  Not sure - any suggestions would be appreciated!

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