Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cattle Dock Part IV

Progress on the cattle dock has been slowed owing to breaking the last of the fine drill bits I was using for it.  Annoyingly I had managed to get though half of the posts on 2 bits - one ended up blunt after a short time but the second soldiered on quite nicely.  Then in the space of 5 holes, I broke it, and both the replacements!  Not happy.  Many naughty words. 

So the state of play is I have gotten three more posts done from the last photo and I am one post away from having to make a decision about gates.  Still haven't worked it out - but since the ordered replacement drill bits have been on the way from Hong Kong (although a shop... so a bit bemused!) since the 8th of March I am hoping to get back into it later this week.

The funny thing is I was looking though my Oakwood Press book on the W&U tonight and discovered the Upwell Cattle dock is very similar to what I have designed.  So I guess it isn't as freelance as I thought!

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