Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo update - 30 March 2011

As promised - albeit a little late - some photos of progress.  First up the SR Brake.  Very pleased with the kit build - not entirely sure the paint job is up the to standard.  I will see how it goes - at least stripping Nickel Silver isn't as worrying as stripping plastic!
Second - the LNWR signal box.  I haven't including the shot of what I am wanting to copy - and there is a bit of a way to go.  I am quite pleased with painting progress on this and I am hoping to have it finished (and possibly a little diorama for it) by Easter.  Interior is merely primed - I am going to fit it separately as I want to paint the levers to match what the leaver diagram for St Alban's Abbey was even though the box isn't accurate.

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