Monday, March 28, 2011


Football season has started again Down Under and I spent a good few hours watching games from Round 1 this past weekend.  I also made a start on some painting projects which have been waiting for the cooler months (although this is a relative term here in Outback Australia).  I managed to get primed the LNWR signal box mentioned some months back and the SR Brake Van of more recent recounting.  I also made a start on painting the top coats - although much to my despair the tinlet of matt black was dead and unable to be resuscitated and the only shop in town with anything like hobby type stuff, while carrying some of my preferred Humbrol paints, is presently out of No 33.

The signal box is being painted to be similar to the photo on the back cover of the Oakwood Press "The Watford to St Alban's Branch" and the brake van in BR Bauxite.  Unfortunately there was no opportunity to take photos of same over the weekend and I was held up at work a bit later than normal this afternoon so none to show - stay tuned - hopefully tomorrow (when I am also hoping to have solved my matt black shortage!).

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