Friday, March 4, 2011

So you want a fence post...

How do you get one?  In my case, I wanted 26 (subsequently revised to 24 but this is still in a state of flux) and, following the experiences of others, I settled on brass.  I found a length of 1mm square section and worked out the dimensions by putting a model cow up next to it.  This resulted in the height being settled at 5 feet (scaled down to 10mm) and a peg of 1.5mm below to fit to the model - but since the hole in the model are round, and the section is square, I was left with the "how do you fit a square peg in a round hole?" dilemma.  Without a lathe, the answer is improvise.

 Measure the length you require - I found the best way to mark it was to use the razor saw.

 Two marks - one for the cut spot (left hand) and one for the location in the pin vice in the chuck (right hand)

Positioned and ready to cut.  I found it easiest to cut in the pin vice rather than out.

 Cut it to length

I found the emery nail file was the best way to turn it down.

Voila!  Remember when you are looking at this, it is 12mm long...

So not the prettiest method - nor the most elegant - but it does the job.  As I said in a much earlier post about my soldering kit, the pioneers didn't have a lot to work with and managed some brilliant models so there is no reason why we can't manage - at least it is a variable speed electric drill rather than trying to work out how to do it via pulley and rope!

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