Saturday, March 19, 2011

SR Dia 1579/1582 Brake Van

2mm members hopefully will recognise this - David Long advertised this kit in the most recent Magazine.  It appears a van of this type is the end of the last train from Upwell to Wisbech on the 20 May 1966 so naturally, it was on my list! 

Mine arrived early last week but I wasn't able to do much with it until I had printed the 18 pages of comprehensive instructions (or destructions - even DD1 calls them this, much to her mothers chagrin).  Having printed and then had a quick look, the pages were put aside as my parents, sister and eldest niece arrived for the 2nd birthday of DD3 on Friday.

Given that Footy Season is just around the corner, and having waved our guests goodnight, I had another look with the view to making a start in front of the first game on Thursday coming.  However, I decided that things appeared pretty straight forward, so a start was made last night, and further progress in front of the Pakistan v Australia pool game in the longest World Cup of all time.

The photo at the top shows what I started with.  The one at the bottom is were I am now - which is at the bottom of Page 9 not having started on the underframe assembly.  David mentions that he had trouble putting the verandah doors on - I had no dramas but I use a paste flux and tend to find this will help things stick to where you want it.  I suspect solder paste would do something similar.  As I thought on the second read through, it is straight forward, nothing has needed fettling - in fact the only "issue" to date was all my fault - I folded a 180d fold the wrong way and didn't realise until I had soldered it down... naughty words and a 15 minute delay and everything was back where it should be.  Hopefully some of the chassis tomorrow. 

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