Thursday, May 26, 2011

Layout Part X - dirt

As promised on a number of occasions, here are a couple of pictures of landscaping progress.  The first is of the cattle dock area and to date, the ballast has been done on the track to the dock but not yet cleaned up - you can see the specks of ballast on the rails in the larger picture.  The "dirt" (Woodland Scenics B71 for those playing at home) has made it to the wall of the fodder store, but not around yet.  As you can see at the top left of the fodder store there is a bit of brown.  This is damage to the ply when I removed the first attempt and I haven't gotten around to filling it yet - perhaps tomorrow and then earth works can continue.   The white patch is where the points (turnouts) have to go - haven't sorted all the bits for the TOU (the best practice keeps changing!) so they haven't been fitted yet.  The photo actually looks better than real life as the dirt is a bit patchy.  It has been put down onto neat PVA glue and looks much better with a second coat - some has been but most hasn't.  A job for later.

The second picture shows the coal merchants area.  Very clean!  I have some real coal in Brisbane which I am going to use here so, while further progress is possible with what I have in Longreach, it will have to keep until September when I can get better stuff.  The white patches are the crossover at the buffer end of the station - refer back to January for a track plan!

I had intended an over all shot, but the lighting didn't work.  These photos were taken on a 1sec exposure with a tri-pod and were the best of a 12 shot selection!

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