Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo update - 24 May 2011

Only one photo of the 6 UFOs which are now FOs.  The pair at the back are Gresley D113 BGs - the blue one from the NGS kit and the red using Ultima sides on a Minitrix donor coach - which needed some hacking to sort it.  I had the sides for years and a damaged coach turned up one day on a second hand stall for a fiver (dollars, not quid) but it wasn't until I had built two NGS kits (the other is also red) that I got a roundtuit and then discovered it was a 113 as well...  The bits of white are the Krytal Klear windows which I put in after finding the glazing in the 2 NGS kits didn't quite make it around 3 models!

The front row, from left to right, is my NGS Shark, now with a coupling - a staple glued under one of the ploughs which enables it to connect to anything with a Rapido - doesn't seem to like the Unimates some of my stuff has for closer coupling.  The other end is waiting for a screwlink coupling and a lamp but other than that it is finished.  The Dogfish which is next has a Unimate at one end and a Rapido at the other.  The rest of the rake has Unimates (short one end, medium the other so they have to be put down the "right" way).  It is in this photo due to having a load fitted.  Not convinced as to the realism of the shape but the colour is OK.  I will see how I go living with it before I do the other 6.  Third from the left is the Farish PoW Horsebox now on a Peco chassis - I haven't put lifting arms on it yet but they are around here somewhere.  Last is the fixed Farish cattle wagon - one of the bars had gone missing so this was replaced with some 0.2mm nickle silver wire I had left over from the cattle dock.

Not much really but a couple of hours work and 6 more things of the UFO pile so that is something.

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