Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo update - 28 May 2011

Not the greatest photo - sorry about that - but it shows the progress made today on the LBSCR set.  As mentioned yesterday, I have painted these in Pullman Umber.  The information I have suggests this would be right for the period from 1903-1911.  Precision Paints do a Marsh Umber but as I think this is for the locos rather than coaches, and I only need it for these four coaches, I am not going to worry about tracking it down.  I was trying to determine if the brake ends should be painted vermilion (NGS members will be able to see Gareth's set in J02/11 has vermilion ends) at this time - the information I have says the practice of doing so to goods brakes was discontinued and they were painted all over grey so I feel it reasonable to assume the same with coaches so that is what I have done.
They do need a third and fourth coat to get them up to the same finish as the sides.
Now to put in some glazing, try to determine if seats are really necessary (well obviously but how detailed) and work out what sort of vents I should have on the roofs - having first decided if the coaches would have had the new fangled electric light by 1905 - which is when the "Improved Engine Green" started to vanish.

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