Sunday, May 15, 2011

GWR P19 - Part III

The long term readers will remember in August last year (my doesn't time fly) I obtained via the good offices of Richard the NGS Journal Ed some GWR P19 wagons, from which the Grampus has its roots.  While waiting for glue to dry on the landscape attempts on Swallow's End I thought it would be handy to have loads for these wagons. 

My first thought was to use the Woodland Scenic Light Grey ballast I have been using on SE but I am thinking of putting that to use for loads for my 7 dogfish and so I have gone for used ballast - which means some finely sieved bedding sand which I have glued to some thick card (as this didn't warp, unlike the plastic I used for mk1).  All up, very pleased with the afternoon's efforts - which is more than can be said for the landscaping but progress is progressing on that front and I am hopeful of photos by the end of the week.

Next job however is to do a stock take and get ready for June - UFO/FO month Down Under.

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