Friday, May 20, 2011

UFOs - a return

I managed to lose the mojo at the start of May due mostly to work pressures so I have returned to the methodology which I find works best to get the juices following - the UFO box.

Some of what I have been working on, I was working on last year about this time so clearly not enough progress there!  However, stuff has been done - a Farish Private Horsebox which was acquired via eBay has been put on a Peco chassis with a view to using it as a shunting wagon - I use the Peco arms and home-made electromagnets on St Alban's Abbey.  I have also replaced the missing bar on a Bachfar BR Cattle wagon and done some work on fixing the roof for the Minitrix/Ultima D113 Gresley BG conversion.  Lastly there is putting transfers on and finishing off the NGS D113 BG in all over Blue.

No photos - sorry - and I won't get any done tomorrow as I am off to Brisbane to be godfather to a mate's daughter on Sunday.  Hopefully a photo update on Sunday including the current look of Swallow's End.

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