Friday, May 27, 2011

LBSCR Stroudley Set

The N Gauge Society AGM and Annual Model Making Competition is on this weekend - unfortunately not close by (St Ives being... well a long way off from here).  As I can't attend, and being unwilling to trust my models to the loving care of Australia Post and Royal Mail (thereby making the trophies safe from coming Down Under :-)) I took inspiration from the latest Journal which had a picture of Gareth Colliers' Gold Award winning entry in the Coaching Stock and did some more work on my set of Etched Pixels coaches, destined to either trundle around behind Amity's "Boxhill" or my "Stepney".

As the picture above shows, at this point all that has happened is the bodies have all been finished (one of the Brake Thirds was done some months ago) and the roofs formed.  Since this photo, the bodies have been primed.  At this point I had a closer look at Gareth's models and noticed he had added door handles and steps on the end of the brake coaches.  I guess this is why he wins - the attention to detail.  I thought about removing the primer, drilling the holes and scrounging through the spare box from steps and bending wire for the handles and decided that I could live with the lack of detail - Rule 1 and all that (remembering that LBSCR isn't part of my plethora of interests!). 

So the next thing is painting then sorting out chassis.  Painting I have decided to go with the later Umber rather than the original Mahogany.  In the absence of anything better, I am going to use the Pullman version (which I have) rather than get something specific as there is only the four coaches, although the rake may be extended or even doubled since we have two locos.  This leaves the chassis.  As designed, they are supposed to go on modified Peco 15' ones.  The trouble is, this involves a lot of cutting and what not so I thought 2mm FSA etches - but which ones?  At the time they went to Umber, I think they were braked and had electric lights - which throws up the question of vents on the roofs - but I can't find a useful diagram.  If you can offer any insights - would be a place to send those insights!

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