Saturday, January 4, 2014

BRMA Modelling Competition 2013

Last November the British Railway Modellers of Australia (Queensland Division!) had their Annual Model Making Competition and, for the second year in succession, all the major prizes were awarded.  We have obviously gained a critical mass with this after 10 years (the Competition was first held in 2003) and hopefully the standard of modelling as a whole improves as a result.

I was ineligible for two categories as I was the 2012 winner for the Kit or Scratch-built Locomotive (LMS Garratt by Fleetline – those of you familiar with this kit will be a little bemused, as I was, considering that I didn’t do anything special to it – just glued it together and painted it with cheap black spray paint.  I wasn’t at the competition in 2012 so I don’t know what the other entries were like) and the Modified RTR Locomotive (a detailed Peco Jubilee).  I entered four categories this year – Kit or Scratch built Rolling stock, Modified RTR Rolling-stock, Diorama and Detailed Line-side Structure Kit.  The last one I was especially keen to have a go at as it is the only category which I haven’t won – mind you, I haven’t previously entered it either!

As it turned out, I was successful in two categories again – both were satisfying wins for various reasons but neither was the Detailed Line-side Structure Kit.  Better luck next year.  I was successful in the Kit or Scratch-built Rolling Stock and the Diorama categories.

I plan on putting up a post about each of the winning entries – and the model which I put in the Line-side Structure Kit category – over the next few days.

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