Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year and a new beginning.

2013 didn’t exactly go according to plan railway wise – and certainly not blog wise.  It was very much neglected and for those of you who were regular readers, I apologise.
I did get quite a few projects started and a couple finished during 2013 but I tended to find that I didn’t take any where near as many photographs as I used to when I first started the blog – and with the computer not being as convenient to the modelling location as it was when we lived in Longreach getting around to updating the blog fell be the wayside.
Anyway, enough of the boring excuses.  A New Year has dawned and, thanks to my wife, a new beginning on the blog front.  Amity has shown me how she keeps her blog updated – and this is whilst managing a home, running her own business and bringing up 5 kids while I am at work!  Assuming the apprentice learns from the master (had to get some sort of Sith analogy in there) then all will be good and regular updates of progress on my modelling with return.

In closing – a picture of what the 5 kids and beautiful wife gave me for Christmas just past.  Undoubtedly some will be bemused but, given some of the projects I will be involved in this year, the 2nd and 3rd parts of the Book of the Black 5s will be handy.
Christmas 2013

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