Saturday, January 11, 2014

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting - 11 January 2014

We had the first meeting of the combined N Gauge Society, 2mm Scale Association and British Railway Modellers of Australia N gauge Area Group for the new year today. The group has been operating since February 2012 and meets on the Second Saturday of the Month.  If you are a member of any of the mentioned organisations and you’d like to be added to the group email list, please get in touch.   The purpose of the meetings is to work on projects, swap tips and ideas and pick the brains of those present to solve any issues which might have arisen whilst working at home.
Today’s meeting had most of the attendees looking at modifying ready to run Private Owner Wagons.  The intention is those who are members of the BRMA can use the results of this project to enter the Modified RTR Category at this year’s AMMC.  The two photos below (and accompanying captions) tell the story of the start of a pair of Peco 10’ PoWs using the 2mm SA Beginner’s Guide as a starting point.
Peco Conversion 1
The top wagon is the modified one (which hopefully was obvious!)  The inner mouldings designed to hold the Peco wagon load up and in place have been cut out with a sharp scalpel (the chisel type works best) and then the sides have been thinned down by scrapping an older No 11 blade along them and finished off with a fine file.  The overall width has been reduced from 0.8mm down to something more realistic of 0.3mm
Peco Conversion 2 
Again, the top one is the modified one.  This picture shows that the brake gear has had a razor saw passed down it and then the rod and V hanger have been further thinned with a scalpel.
Further detailing is planned over the coming months to produce some wagons which are more suitable for a 1950s era layout than a 1930s one.

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