Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LMS Cattle Wagons

As promised last post, here is the first of the three BRMA(Q) AMMC entries from 2013.  These two cattle wagons were the winning entries in Category C – Kit or Scratch-built Rolling Stock.  The competition was of a high standard in this category and it was one of the most popular with 8 or 9 entries.
LMS Cattle Wagons 2
The kits are 2mm Scale Association etches – kit number 2-602 which is actually the MR Cattle Wagon with a low top rail and two bars to D298.  As I built these for a friend – and the rest of the rake as seen in the picture below – and he wanted them in LMS livery, that is what they are and why the title is what it is.
Nothing special about building them – layer the detail on, then build the box, add the floor and roof and fit to the desired chassis.  Pictures in the consulted literature (Essery’s MR Wagons Vol 1 & 2 published by OPC) suggested livery variations which have been produced. 
I am presently doing a rake of cattle wagons from the 2mm Association for Ben to run on his layout based on Sturminister Newton on the SDJR – this is where the five wagons below are photographed.  The rake will be expanded as I complete the builds of the various types offered by the 2mm Association – ones completed include in addition to the pair above, 2-601 and 2-603.  I am going to be doing some using kit 2-606 and the plastic bodies 2-514.  There may even be a 2-600 amongst the collection of UFOs out in the shed.  Not sure.  Stay tuned.
LMS Cattle Wagons 3

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