Sunday, January 12, 2014

Diorama – Completed

Waaaay back in 2012 (!) I posted this.  As I wasn’t eligible for the BRMA(Q) Diorama category following my win in 2011 with my cattle dock (late comers or the forgetful can find it here – clearly I need to do something about titles!) I didn’t actually get around to doing much more with it – although one of the LAG members did get his finished and he was successful in winning the Diorama category at the 2012 BRMA AMMC.

With the 2013 competition approaching I thought it would be opportune to get it out, dust it off and finish it with a view to entering it on the day.  Unfortunately I didn’t take too many pictures of the progress from what was in the blog post from 2012 until close to the competition date – a small matter of having glue on my fingers and the wife not liking me touching her DSLR camera while my fingers are thus coated (picky picky!).

In any event, it was completed using bits and pieces from the scraped Swallow Street (which I had hoped to resurrect in 2012 – fail – and then moved it to 2013 – also fail and may get around to it in 2014 – unlikely) from which I gained the inspiration.

2012 Diorama 7  The blue isn’t actually part of it –  is a folder on the shelf behind it.  Papers all by Scale Scene.  The Terrace is a couple of blocks of half inch by two inch pine with a chamfer cut on for the roof.  Chimneys balsa with some styrene for pots.  Lamps Ratio, seats Langley (I think), trolleys Kibati (sic).

2012 Diorama 8

Detail of the seated passenger waiting…  On the day of the Competition, the 4CEP DBSO was added to show a train arriving.

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