Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have always thought it would have been nice if BR had used the names of the LNER Pacifics on the 100 Class 60 diesels - the 34 A4's and first 66 of the A3's which had previously carried 60xxx numbers (the A3's got to 60112).

With this in mind, and being inspired by the Fictitious Liveries website I kept an eye out for a cheap 60 to come up at either one of the box shifters or eBay. Hatton's duly delivered and when the Mainline liveried 60 was up for grabs for under 40 quid (remembering that out here I get it VAT Free) I snapped it up. A dunk in some stripper and a coat of Humbrol 221 Garter Blue Enamel later and some detailing paint on the cab roof (black like the A4's) and the obligatory yellow on the front end and I was set.

Numbers are from Fox as is the LNER crest under 4491. The other end has 60012 and the Arrows. I had thought about putting the BR Steam crest on but ruled it out owing to the LNER blue colour. Nameplates arrived this week from the NGS - Commonwealth of Australia naturally. Just needs the Australian Coat of Arms and all is complete - the 4491 end is detailed from the pack which comes with the loco so at some point I will stick a little man in to drive it. Not sure what will be its usual duty roster - possibly a VSOE set?

A couple of detail pictures below - when the new camera arrives and the A4 is sorted a bit more, I will take a couple of side by side shots of the two longest nameplates to be fitted to British Railway Locomotives.

Now if the 60's had gotten to 60103...

4491 end showing the LNER Crest under the number and the red backed 23 character nameplate. Parts of the detailing pack can be seen under the buffers.

The other end with the BR Arrows. This is the end with the short shank NEM Rapido in.

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