Sunday, August 22, 2010

MR Meat Van

Saturday was the Australian General Election - being a History/Social Studies teacher, naturally I watched the coverage and while I was watching I did something useful!

As mentioned in previous posts, I was sent a Not Quite Perfect etch of the PC Models Midland Railway Meat Van by Alan at Ultima. The biggest issue was the louvers had not etched though on both sides so there was a bit of work involved in sorting this out. After that, pretty much plain sailing. Again, no instructions but I have found this which has shown me how to approach the chassis (which isn't attached in the photo hence the gaps!). A few bits and pieces from Shop 2 and I'll be all set. The roof for this one is from the Dia 88 LNWR van - the etch for this comes with a spare which fitted with a trim.

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