Sunday, August 15, 2010

GWR P19 - Part II

I didn't get much done over the week - and this is delayed given my self-imposed deadline of Fridays for updates - due to having my parents visit for Darling Daughter 2's third birthday (where does the time go I ask myself!).

What I did manage to get done was putting the transfers Richard Bardsley sent out for the P19 conversions of the Parkside Dundas Grampus. This is the first time I have used full side transfers and I have mixed feelings. It is indeed handy to put it all on - painting the side gloss white and then putting the transfer over, touching up around the edges being the plan. The one in the picture is the odd one of the five - I patch painted white and then put the transfer on in sections. To be honest, I am not sure which is neater - certainly one transfer instead of four or five is appealing but I think the finish is a little better using the cut out method. The biggest issue I now have is what to seal them with. My normal method is to use Humbrol Matt Clear (No 49 for those of you playing at home) but I think this may react badly with the Robbie's Rolling Stock transfers. I have the bits cut off the one above so I might use them to test.

In other news, a batch of stuff turned up from Ultima - LNWR coach and horsebox, Midland meatvan (thanks Alan ;-)) and a pair of R0 Maunsell brakes. I made a start on the horsebox this afternoon - progress has been good which I am pleased about since the instructions are still being found! I have to source a roof. Fortunately I have found a handy picture at which has helped enormously.

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