Friday, August 20, 2010

LNWR Horse Box

The most recent item on my work bench - a LNWR 21' Horse Box from the shrunk PC Models etches being offered by Ultima. This is the bits (minus a buffer I notice!) which come in the kit plus 4 bearings and a pair of 7mm wheels from the 2mm FSA. Still to fit is the roof (a spare from the GE Etches from David Eveleigh), the missing buffer (obviously!) and then paint, glaze (not sure how with roof etch to go on but a solution will present - usually does) and so forth. I also need to find a way of doing the axle boxes. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I am really quite pleased with this kit. Alan is, as far as I am aware, still trying to find the original instructions for this and I put it together with the aid of a photo of a 7mm kit for the same vehicle as mentioned below. It is going to be finished in LNWR livery and used on St Alban's Abbey when I get around to building it. In the mean time, I will most likely fit with a pair of N gauge wheels and run it on St Alban's Priory - or leave it standing in the yard on same as a show piece!

Next project - the LNWR 6 compartment 50' brake from the same source - or possibly the NQP Midland Railway Meat Van which Alan sent me.

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  1. Kevin

    Could you adapt one of the fold up spring/axelbox etches from shop 2 (2mm Scale Association)?

    Peter Whitehead