Thursday, August 26, 2010


No pictures - merely something to get me inspired for tomorrow and the weekend.

The UFOs are building up again - I got some stuff from the NGS and 2mm FSA as I think I mentioned earlier. This included some TPM HEA kits to flesh out the Nuclear train, another LNWR D88 van, a Shark ballast plough, a pair of LNER Toad Es for the W&U collection and a GWR 6 wheel Toad to run with the P19 wagons. There was also some Shire Scenes bits and pieces for St Alban's Abbey and the Langley LNWR signal box kit.

So the plan is to have the HEAs, Shark and D88 van into the paint shops Saturday which means they all have to be finished off tomorrow night. I have made good progress so this should be achievable.

Saturday afternoon is looking like transfers in front of the footy before more soldering Saturday night, painting Sunday morning and maybe finish the weekend Sunday night with some final transfers.

In any case, having made this claim public I had better do something!!!! The point behind the blog is to keep making progress so...

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  1. Maybe I should start a blog, then, using the same rationale as you, I might actually get something done.