Friday, August 27, 2010

Mission accomplished - for tonight anyway!

Last night I announced I would have these wagons ready for the paint works tomorrow - and I am pleased to say (to quote Prof. Higgins) I did it.

Two TPM HEAs which are going to be given Precision Bauxite paint jobs for use as barrier wagons with the FNA kit from the same stable, one NGS Shark (with no couplings as the ploughs get in the way and I haven't worked out how to connect it to the Farish Seacow it is going to go around with) and my second 2mm FSA D88 LNWR van - much neater than the first, even if I do say so myself.

So tomorrow these will be primed ready to go in the morning - and given the forecast for here in Longreach, there is a reasonable chance they will be right to have their first top coats tomorrow afternoon while the Ladies of the Residence are out at a party. Anyway, fingers crossed. I have the transfers for both the LNWR van and Shark and I think I have some HEA transfers on a HAA sheet. Not sure, will have to find out. I will put the MMT Codes from the NGS shop up when the painted and transferred stock appears here.

As for the next plan. Well not sure. There is the LNWR coach which has had some progress, a Maunsell R0 which also has had some progress, the assorted Toads, a LNWR Signalbox plus the UFO box. I think, since I am on this roll of finishing trains, the GWR 6 Wheel Toad to go with the Mill Lane Sidings P19s is going to be next.

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