Sunday, August 29, 2010


As reported, the mission of Friday night was accomplished. The mission of Saturday was also accomplished, up to a point. The photo shows "Jaws", the first BR Shark kit from the NGS. I suspect it will be joined by "Mako" in due course as I can see a 'need' for a second at some point. Still to go are the plough guards, brake pipes and some detailing which I am going to add to the underframe.

Specific inspiration for this one is from this pic I am not sure if the MMT pack from the NGS contains these markings but I guess that doesn't matter - it is more the inspiration which matters, rather than the specifics.

As far as the rest of Saturday's ambition goes - the LNWR van got as far as the first Humbrol 79 coat, the two TPM HEAs got their first coat of Precision BR Bauxite and the GWR AA1 Toad had its chassis built. Some photos of one of these to determine the windows would be good but I can't seem to find any - currently thinking of doing "sash" type with a glazing bar in the mid point - suspect I will find none ever had this feature if I do however! If you do know, send me a message...

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