Friday, February 18, 2011

108 goes 2mm

Thought I would post this pic - doesn't show the evenings work but...

The ordered 2mm drop in wheels arrived from Mr Shop 3 today - thanks Ray - and so I spent the evening sorting the 108.  This involved me rushing in and putting all the wheel sets in, wiring the DCC controller to Swallow's End and... nothing much happening. CV's wouldn't read, all sorts of drama and so I put it all back to N and DC and put it on the kids Kato oval.  Worked - after I cleaned wheels and so forth.

So then I put the chips back in and programmed it all to work on DCC in N and then went on an axle by axle plan to see if everything would work.  It did.  Most usefully with all axles changed to 2mm ones it still worked on the Kato oval so I now have a test track/running in loop for when I do the Class 24 - hopefully tomorrow.  Then I guess I better get all the track sorted on Swallow's End and the traverser/fiddle yard built since I now will have locos/trains to run.

To make the night perfect, Essendon made it to the next round of the pre-season and won very big against Brisbane.  Footy is back too!


  1. interesting what gauge is the Kato as a test loop would be very useful in 2mm

  2. Hi Nick,
    The Kato set is the bog standard V6 pack - the outer oval - with the level crossing and associated short straight bit removed. The gauge fits the BtB of the drop in wheels - and the other 2mm axles I have. Certainly for merely running trains in a loop it works with what stuff I have but I havn't put a train of 4 wheelers together yet.