Thursday, February 24, 2011

Layout Part VIII - Coal Merchants

As mentioned in the last post, I had planned on doing something about the coal merchants at Swallow's End last night but was foiled by the lack of suitable materials.  This problem was solved today and, with mojo in full swing, I got stuck in tonight and did something about it.  The pictures below tell the story...

The first is a general view looking from the buffer stop end towards the points showing the two merchants in relation to each other.  The merchants are not yet named but there are two main families in Longreach - the Tanks and the Ballards - so I am thinking of naming the coal merchants after these families. 

The first merchant the train comes to has staithes (which on doing research is actually the North East name for them but has been adopted by modellers who don't know any different cause they live on the other side of the planet!!  I can't remember from my looking for pictures and reading what the rest of England calls them - and please don't mention the Scots... please) which are made from Evergreen plastic sheet.  In this case I have scientifically measured them so each bin is the equivalent of a 9' sleeper in width and then staggered down with vertical timbers to make a suitable area to chuck the coal into. 

The other merchant merely has a pair of concrete slabs.  The theory goes they had one, got prosperous, and so laid a second to allow two wagons to be unloaded.  This is the Scalescenes Concrete Ground (TX19) with a piece of manila folder under it.  I have PVAd it to the baseboard and will scenic around it in due course.  Biggest hassle I have is working out how to make realistic "heaps".

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