Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cattle Dock Part I

Swallow's End, like a lot of small terminus stations I suspect, has a cattle dock.  The problem I had was what to do about it.  The Ratio one, while very nice, is a bit on the same old same old as it is one of the best kits around I feel.  I have one on St Alban's Priory for example.  The appeal of scratch building one was high but I lacked inspiration.  Enter fellow 2mm Association member Julia "Missy" Adams.  She constructed one for her layout "Highclere" - photos and discussion found here.  I thought it particularly good and decided that if imitation was the sincerest form of flattery I should copy hers!

I have used some Ratio platform edging for the sides and scrap piece of the flag stones from the same supplier.  To work out the height, I put a wagon on the layout where the cattle dock is going and used that!  Effort shown at the bottom of this post.  The ramp is at 1:4 - this is following the discussion on the 2mmVAG and talks with a couple of cattle producers here in Outback Queensland. 

I haven't started on a fence - been mulling over what to do.  Missy's is very good and I suspect I will do something similar for the robustness and uniqueness.  I had thought of robbing the unopened Ratio kit Amity has in her UFO box but decided against it.  There will only be one pen - the overall dimensions of the pad scale out to 5 yards x 7 but allowing for a couple of flags being on the loading side of the fence (the ruler side on in the photos) I suspect I will end up with something around the 28 sq yd area - which is enough for 10 head apparently allowing for movement.  At any rate, the pen will hold what a wagon will hold and that is enough for this sleepy little back water.

Overall dimensions are 81mm x 30 x 10.

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