Friday, February 4, 2011

Layout Part VII - Track work finished

Just a short update.  I got stuck in tonight and finished off the track work - actually I did an hour on the last point last night (68 chair plates in the hour which finished that task and the side rails done) - but other than painting the plain track and sorting the switch blades and TOUs and ballast the track is done.  The soldering iron can go away for a bit.  Tomorrow I plan on doing the painting and, now that I have a tripod and can therefore take timed exposure shots, some better quality photos of progress.  I am also looking at making up foot prints of the various structures so, in addition to the ballasting, the surrounding ground will start to be done.  All very exciting - and the axles for the Class 108 and the missing one for the 24 have been ordered.  The mojo is well back having been MIA over the Christmas/New Year period.  Must be being back at work and wanting something else to do!

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