Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photo update

As promised in the last post here are some photos of the track work as it stands.  While it isn't especially clear all the plain track has been painted in a combination of Track and Sleeper colours from the Precision range and, to me, looks pretty good.  The point timbering hasn't been painted and all the points will be removed this evening (and labeled!!) so I can sort out things like TOUs and switching of the frogs (silly me only brought two colours of wire with me). 

Progress since the last update includes ballasting the full length of the approach track from the fiddle yard and wiring the plain track for DCC operation (which was much simpler than doing it for DC cab control as all the wires were joined up - same amount of droppers however).  The ballasting result was much better this time - although no photos.  I will take some photos and post a description of how the two sessions were approached.  Certainly I know how I will be doing the rest!

Fiddle yard end crossing with platform road above and coal merchant siding below.  Cattle dock is off to the right from this view - the track leaves from the toe of the bottom point.

Coal merchants labeled.  There will be two at Swallow's End - one with a concrete slab to work from (which will be in front of where the ballasting is up to) and one with coal staithes - this area is visible marked on the board.

Another view of the crossing above - this time in the plan view and from the other side of the baseboard.


  1. Kevin,

    My memory gets confused with all your various layout projects but I think this one is gwr? If so the through timbers should continue until there is a 3 foot deviation between the v rails so that the timbers barely interlace on the diverging roads from the crossing. I hope this makes sense, and I catch you whilst it is still not too difficult to change (before the track is fixed). The gwr were dead against interlaced timbering because of the diificulties of packing and retaining ballast.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Fair point - I was thinking this was the case (and assumed if anything was going to be different it was GWR!) but in the end went with the sort of interlaced look. While the general idea is GWRish, it will be running a Class 24 and a 108 and is being built more for the learning experience than for fidelity to prototype - afterall, should I finally get around to building the Jubilee chassis, it will need somewhere to be tested and I don't know that I will have anywhere else to do so!