Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I had planned on doing something about my coal merchants this evening however when I went looking for my collection of Scale Scenes papers to do the concrete pad on which the purveyors of Black Diamonds will ply their trade, I discovered I don't have any.  So I looked on the computer to further discover that I hadn't gotten around to purchasing the relevant sheet from the scratch builders section of the site.  Bother.  Since I will need to print the page at work, I will put the project back a day.

The second of the coal merchants (I found that somewhere like Grassington & Threshfield has about 8 merchants working from the yard so I thought 2 wasn't unreasonable) will have staithes.  I have been considering how to build these.  One option I thought of was to use surplus sleepers held together with short lengths of rail.  I don't know if that would be used over there but I have seen retaining walls here which have been built of sleepers and short lengths used to give added strength.  The alternative was to use some of the plastic card I have which I used to try my hand at wagon bodies.  In any event, this didn't get off the ground either so looks like a busy night tomorrow as I will be away for the weekend in Brisbane - the plus of this being I will get to a shop which sells brass tubing and what not and I have a shopping list for TOUs and fences for cattle docks. 

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